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WIPA Start-up Exchange programmes are designed to increase the likelihood of successful development of start-ups, high-growth businesses and scale-ups, facilitating growth that is beyond that which each participating company could achieve on its own. Offering value-adding services will be key to WIPA Start-up Exchange’s ability successfully to nurture ambitious businesses, provide them with access to capital, help them grow and scale and generate jobs and wealth.
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The WIPA provides a hybrid incubation experience in a multilingual and multi-cultural environment offering (a) online education (b) support from an individualized strategic advisory board, (c) stock exchange meetups and inter-continental study trips and, (d) support from a corporate governance and SME support center.

WIPA Identity Cards

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence accepted for the WIPA Start-up Exchange Programmes are awarded a professional certificate featuring their proficiency level on global entrepreneurship and a personal WIPA Identity Card.
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