WIPA Programmes


WIPA is an initiative of the World Business Angels Investment Forum – an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), which was established to support the economic development of the world by enhancing the potential of individuals and providing them with all the strategic tools they need to turn their ideas into a start-up venture.

Mission Statement: WIPA is committed to (1) stimulating and supporting the establishment and growth of early stage ventures, (2) easing access to finance for entrepreneurs,(3) assisting digital transformation of start-up ventures in the ’new normal’, (4) accelerating the life cycle of early stage companies by compressing years’ worth of learning-by-doing, (5) easing access to quality education, mentorship, coaching and consultancy for entrepreneurs, (6) introducing new markets for global entrepreneurs, (7) easing access to world-class investments for world-class start-ups and qualified investors, (8) introducing new markets for global entrepreneurs, (9) supporting countries for creating National Champions of their start-up ecosystems, (10) increasing financial inclusion, and (11) contributing to job creation and economic development across the world.

The WIPA offers a multi-disciplinary framework for entrepreneurs, qualified investors and FDI bodies through its (1) Start-up Exchange Programmes (WSEP), (2) Start-up Investment Promotion Collaboration Programmes (WFDI), and (3) Cross-border Investor Delegation Programmes (WDEL) to accomplish its mission.